Client Testimonials:

I would definitely recommend Åsa as a life coach. She has a down to earth attitude and a deep understanding of people’s minds and behaviour. Her help and approach is tailor made to the needs of the client. She is extremely respectful and guides you through the process gently when needs be but also gives thought provoking ideas to work through. Her help has been very valuable to me and my family.”

I have been coached by Åsa three times. She has been very engaged, a great listener and good at asking eyeopening questions. Our sessions has helped me to focus on what is important in my life, both what I want and what I do not want or want less of in my life. It was also interesting to see how it was to be coached through only a camera and internet connection and it worked great. To not have to travel makes it so much easier to start taking coaching sessions.”

“Asa is the most authentic person I have ever met and worked with. She helped me look at life in a new way, find meaningful answers and simplify areas that are not of great importance to me. I am able to focus on what I do best thanks to her quick insights that are always on target. I had been stuck in the writing of two books and now have made amazing progress!
I feel blessed to work with her and will continue to since her wisdom, graciousness and humor are a wonderful model for anyone, anytime!”

“När du är stressad och livet är svårt att hantera när någon nära är allvarligt sjuk, stress efter svåra upplevelser som krig etc, utmattningssyndrom, depression när du haft för många bakslag,  när du är ensam och behöver en klok person att tala med som tar dig på allvar.”

“At first I was skeptical, spend time verbalising my feelings? The idea made me feel a little uncomfortable at first but I’m always curious to try new things. The 3 sessions I spent with Åsa were eye opening, Åsa led me through some very interesting activities that allowed to piece together the thoughts and feelings I had been having. I was going to be experiencing some significant life changes and the life coaching gave me the opportunity to consider and prioritise the important aspects. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would highly recommend Åsa to everyone.”

“Åsa was a great help for me! In a moment in my life when I was feeling insecure about my career she gave concrete and specific tips and professional help that really helped me to stay focused and not to lose hope. Always kind and with a smile, she is good at listening, patient and gave me excellent coaching feedback. I really recommend Åsa to everyone! “

“My Life Coach, Åsa gave me a life changing experience, something I could never have imagined before meeting her. Åsa helped me gain confidence in making decisions for myself and how to overcome my fears. My sessions with Åsa guided into a more positive direction of personal growth. Thank you so much for you guidance and expertise. My sessions with you have been amazing and energizing. I would highly recommend Åsa to anyone who asks me.”