If you have ever asked yourself, “Am I enough?”

You are.

If you have ever wondered, “Is this really all my life can be?”

It’s not.

If you are READY to show up in your own life and be
Unapologetically YOU then lets get started.

You are worth it.

“She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead
of loathing it”

My dear beautiful friend Asa J Nilsson. She’s awesome, she’s amazing, and she’s a life coach. Asa opened my eyes and my mind to ways to finally live the life I truly desire, the life I see in my dreams, not the life I think I “should” be living.

She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead of loathe it. And we talked a great deal about comparison, negative self talk, and what my dreams really involve.

Asa blew me away with her wisdom, her knowledge, and her understanding.

–  Angela

“Instilled so much confidence in me that I can now do things outside my box”- Jade

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I trust that it will make a difference for you as well!

Yes, please!

Hello and välkommen!

I am Åsa.

I work as a Global Transformation Coach in Sweden and it is my job to help you get your head on straight after yearrrrs of taking care of everyone around you.

I am guessing you are a care giver, nurturer and gentle soul that only wants what’s best for everyone.

Well my dear, what about YOU?

YOU deserve this and so much more.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your own life and your ever present excuses and you are SO READY to make a change, then read on. It’s time to invest in yourself now.

My calling in this world is to be a truth FINDER and if you are a truth SEEKER then we are potentially a match made in heaven.

To live a life in your own truth is one of the most magnificent and freeing things you can do for yourself.

I know because I have been exactly where you are. I just didn’t know what a coach was otherwise I would have made my leap a long time ago.

Let me help you save some time because sorry toots… we aren’t getting any younger.

How do you want to spend your days? Complaining about how nothing ever changes or actually change your own life and STOP SAYING THAT once and for all?!

Can you relate to any of this? 

If so, let’s hop on a call because I know I can help you.

“Åsa gave me a life changing experience, something I could never have imagined before meeting her. Åsa helped me gain confidence in making decisions for myself and how to overcome my fears.” – Elizabeth D.

I live a life by example and I will share whatever you want to know about me. I am an open book and if my story resonates with you, I am glad to pay it forward!

Let me …

  • Save you time by showing you ways to get yourself out of your “funks” and show you how you can make different choices and take accountability over your own life today.
  • Help you take notice of the things in your life that are working fabulously… not only focus on the things that are “broken”.
  • Help you look at your entire “self” from a different perspective, by breaking down each facet of your life and help you DE CLUTTER the thoughts, things, and people that overwhelm you and help you create a life of ease and clarity.

Only your truth can set YOU free.

Send me an email so we can set up a call and start a conversation: asanilssonlifecoach@gmail.com

Thank you for coming to my site. I look forward to getting to know you.

Kram (hug in Swedish)!

Let's work together!

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