If you have ever asked yourself, “Am I enough?”

You are.

If you have ever wondered, “Is this really all my life can be?”

It’s not.

If you are READY to show up in your own life and be

Unapologetically YOU then lets get started.

You are worth it.


I hired Åsa first for myself, and then for my employees. She is a wonderful person who radiates warmth and wisdom, all while using presence and precision to cut through any illusions. She has my deepest and most heartfelt endorsement. You simply can’t go wrong with her. – Mika

Åsa is Amazing! She’s inspiring, uplifting and yet humble. She has a way to help you see the possibilities in a situation and to encourage you forward on your path with love and compassion. – Ella

Very professional and motivational business/money coach for business women, after working with her I was able to review my business and put it back on the right track! – Ghada

“She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead
of loathing it”

My dear beautiful friend Asa J Nilsson. She’s awesome, she’s amazing, and she’s a life coach. Asa opened my eyes and my mind to ways to finally live the life I truly desire, the life I see in my dreams, not the life I think I “should” be living.

She helped me embrace my quirkiness instead of loathe it. And we talked a great deal about comparison, negative self talk, and what my dreams really involve.

Asa blew me away with her wisdom, her knowledge, and her understanding.

–  Angela

“Instilled so much confidence in me that I can now do things outside my box”- Jade

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I trust that it will make a difference for you as well!

Yes, please!

Hello and välkommen in!

I am Åsa.

As a bio tag line I can tell you I am a Business and Money Coach for Female Entrepreneurs living in Västerås, Sweden.

As a soulful, deeply thoughtful and passionate woman my truth goes so much deeper than that.

Coaching is a way for me to express my deepest soul purpose. And my clients are looking to invest in themselves on that same soulful level.

Yes, you are looking to gain access to my coaching exercises, tools, templates and foundational systems which will help you create clarity, and make decisions in your life and business but more importantly, you are looking to connect on a deep visceral level with me so that together we can get you to achieve things in your life you only dreamt were possible.

What I have found to be true in my coaching is that women will come to me with one specific goal in mind and very quickly I show her that she is putting the cart before the horse.

The REAL journey and the REAL work is going within to work on your MINDSET and to release any insecurities and blocks you have been carrying with you all too long…. that’s where you will experience your biggest epiphanies.

My favourite moments are your A-HA moments. These moments are when your most dynamic shifts occur.

It is my honour and privelege to help you see your self and your business from a whole new perspective.

Your time for greatness is now and what I offer you may be something other than what you are accustomed to.

Unparalleled service and attention. Our partnership deserves my concentration, my eyes, ears and mind on only you.  I work whole-istically and do not believe that your business is separate from you. It is a PIECE of you.

Your commitment to your work is honourable and your time is limited. You’ve made tough choices in your life to get you to where you are today. I get it.

You are a woman that values exclusivity and wants the attention to be solely on you. I totally agree. That’s what you are paying for.

You also want a coach with knowledge, input, insights and viewpoints into helping you improve yourself and your life NOW.

I will be your champion and I will hold you as powerful even when you can not do it for yourself. That is a promise from me to you.

“Åsa gave me a life changing experience, something I could never have imagined before meeting her. Åsa helped me gain confidence in making decisions for myself and how to overcome my fears.” – Elizabeth D.

Connect with me via email and we will set up a call and start a conversation: asanilssonlifecoach@gmail.com

Thank you for coming into my world.  Let the adventure begin.

Kram (hug in Swedish)!

P.S. If there is ONE thing I want you take away from this visit to my page today it is this. You are powerful beyond your beliefs and you can achieve more than you ever perceived possible. You are unstoppable and brilliant. Don’t you forget it.


Let's work together!

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