I am your coach, Åsa.

My greatest wish is to help you create a remarkable life. 

To be in service is my ultimate accomplishment and to help lift you up, to help you become motivated to change something that’s not working in your life, or to help you feel emotionally or mentally stronger, or to help you think clearer or even see how you can be more present in your own life … that is a life well lived for me.

In recent years I have contemplated how I can truly give back on a larger scale as well as be independent in my own life. The dream of starting my own business as a Life Coach took root and the action plan went into place.

Is this something that rings true for you too? Do you want to do more? Be more?

I believe that when we surround ourselves with creative, positive and proactive people, magic happens. We lift one another up. We are unstoppable and goodness wins.

I would love to be one of those people for you in your life.

As your Life Coach, I am there to facilitate you getting your answers. Your clarity comes from an honest dialogue and the person that wins in our conversation is YOU.

Let me know how I can be of service for you.

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This is where we take a DEEPER DIVE (than my weekly blog) into Life Coaching tips, tricks, and deep thoughts :).

Here is also where I share resources that I come across in my OWN personal development journey.

I trust that it will make a difference for you as well!

Yes, please!

What’s my story… how did I choose Life Coaching?

I will have to go back to 2011.

I quickly realized that the reality of actualizing my life long dream of relocating back to my home country of Sweden as a 43 year old was a rash decision, to say the least. The decision to move back was made due to the fact that I felt like my crazy, excessively busy life in the US was controlling me. I couldn’t hack the speed of it anymore and I needed it to slow down.

So while my life was in a complete state of chaos, I decided to relocate across the world. Smart, right?

I had just gotten a divorce, had actively chosen to give up my successful real estate career, left all of my friends and family in order to move back “home”… to move back to the solitude of Sweden. I had to start over. Hit the reset button otherwise I wasn’t going to have a very long life with all of the stress I had created for myself.

Being so far away from everyone and everything familiar, provided me with plennnnty of time for self reflection. Who had I become? Did I even like that person? Had I turned out the way I thought I would?

The answer was a simple ‘no’.

The beautiful thing about life is that in every moment we are able to make a different choice. That is the power we hold within and if we sit and condemn, complain and criticize everything and everyone around us then we must also take a moment to look within.

Perhaps we are, in fact, the problem.

These types of clear answers only come when you take the time to actually reflect. If you want something to be different in your life, the answer usually starts with someone we can change.


Today I make different choices. I don’t allow others to control my time or my life. I see the difference I can make in others lives and I lovingly accept help from others in return. We are not alone.

Being a Life Coach is an honor for me. Why? Because I understand how important it is for you to trust me with your hopes, fears, dreams, and (perceived) failures. I will not belittle you or poo poo your ideas or input. Instead, we will discuss what your dreams and goals are in order for you to have a wonderful, fulfilling life going forward.

The future isn’t written in stone, thankfully.

Let’s work together to get you feeling like you are back on track and feeling stronger than ever.

You can do this and you are worth it.




My specific areas of interest are:

  • Aging parents. How can you be of service to give them the best life in their elder years?
  •  Large life changes like marriage, divorce, coping with death and grief after a loved one passes away (crisis management, so to speak).
  •  What happens with YOU when the kids fly the coop? What will your relationship look like with your spouse or significant other (or even your relationship with yourself if you are not in a relationship)?
  •  I am interested in keeping a sound economy for myself and have set financial goals in the past and achieved them every single time I set my clear intention. I can help you think about your financial life and see what it is you are choosing to do and not to do to set yourself up for success. The power of goal setting and setting intentions are very important for me. I can help show you what I have done to see if it would work for you too.
  • Organizing. I like to keep my life and things organized so I know what I have and what needs to be pitched (both literally and figuratively). Let me help you get your thoughts organized and see what it is you might need to “pitch”.
  • Stress management. What you can do to help simplify your mind and your life. Stress is no joke. Don’t let it steal your life.

A deep relationship takes time to build. A foundation built on trust and understanding. If you need someone to walk through life with, someone that you would like to bounce ideas off of and someone to go to in order to get grounded with then I am the Life Coach for you.

Together we can make magic happen for you.