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Yes, please!

How’s that COMPARISONITIS coming along?

Happy Spring Gorgeous! (Challenge: I am going to write an entire post without any emojis. This might get tough). It feels like I am slowly coming out of the thaw and I was reminded that I haven’t shown up much here on my BLOG page. Don’t know about you but I’ve been working and keeping

Do you suffer from communication disconnects between you and your loved ones?

💦  Wanted to share this with you this sunny/ rainy/ blowy/ sleety Friday … in case you needed to hear it too. 💦 I had sent this response today to a person in a private group that I am a part of. Back Story: The woman was hurting and reaching out for support from her tribe. She

“If not now, then when? ” 90 day coaching program

Happy Wednesday Gorgeous! My new 90 day one on one PRIVATE life coaching program is launching on May 1st and there’s a spot with YOUR name on it! This is for the woman who is in her BEST YEARS and is ready to get VESTED in herself by INVESTING in herself. If you have been

Luck just seems to follow me everywhere…

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people in the world. And the interesting thing is, the more I recognize how lucky I am, the luckier I become. Interesting, right? Working alongside GEMS like Mary Carangelo is one of my biggest highlights of 2021 so far. Allow me to share her experience with

Whoa, Nellie Oleson!! (and I never knew she spelled her last name like that!)

WHOA NELLIE OLESON! 5 days till Q2! Are you sliding or gliding into April? 2021 is the year we can CHOOSE to create alignment and to take agency over our lives and businesses. I also feel it’s HIGH time we start having some more fun and getting back to being creative in our businesses! Let

What a testimonial!! I love my career!!

With clients like this…. how can I NOT love what I do?! Thank you Thais, I am honoured! Making a difference one inspiring business woman at a time. #tinyyetmightybusinessmodel If you are thinking of starting your own business or have already done so and want to talk through, clarify, refine or even define your thoughts

“When you compromise and you fail, it hurts even more”

“When you compromise and you fail, it hurts even more” – Jim Carrey The point of this story comes from his father who wanted more for himself musically but signed up to be an accountant because he had a family to tend to and he couldn’t take the risk. He ended up getting fired from

Is your faith greater than your fear?

Running your own business takes faith. Faith in yourself, faith in your abilities and faith in what you bring to the table. Your business is an extension of you so don’t be afraid to talk about it. You are more than enough. Your clients want to know what YOU know. That’s why they need your

The art of saying NO without the 98 excuses

Are you treating your TIME as the precious commodity that it is? Being available to meet with everyone that asks for your time can prove to be daunting, I get it. #recoveringpeoplepleaser Especially when you have a business to run. So many people wanting to get in front of you to sell their wares, products,

Valentine’s Day – Mini VIP Day Offer

Dear Valentine, If you are thinking of starting your own business (from scratch), or have already started one, and you want to spend some valuable time … re-viewing re-assessing re-prioritizing … with a creative gal that has an eye for details, getting to the root of all things important, skills around creating systems and a