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Yes, please!

Comparisonitis – What kind of mask are you putting on every day?

There are all kinds of masks we put on in our days, not just masks protecting us from COVID. The masks of covering up or “transforming” our exterior to appear to be something we think is better than what we have. #comparisontoothers What about the internal work? Spending the same amount of time per day

Happy Day! The Universe has one answer and it is a Yes. So what are you asking for and what are YOU really putting ‘out there’? XO Åsa

Your life is like a river… are you fighting upstream or releasing and trusting?

Happy Friday, dear hearts. Perhaps you need to hear this message today too? With love, Åsa

Vision Board Day!! Time for dreaming, planning and to have some fun!

My client Therese Eriksson and I had a FUN DAY of working together after being heads down for 9 sessions of re-dreaming and re-creating her business. #version2.0in2020 Listen in on what we did to create this awesome experience and how you can do it too! Gather some visionary friends, get some snacks, some wine or

Kick Off Business Client Testimonial – What did the client think?

The purpose of the KICK OFF session was to have Åsa Nilsson Business + Mindset Coach motivate, provide an energy boost, discuss how to promote comradery amongst the team, to discuss the importance of healthy and transparent communication, to encourage the entire team to connect and rely more on each other even though they all

Video of a Case Study: Money Breakthrough Business Coaching, Intensive

Have you ever created a CASE STUDY in your business? Here is an example of one that @thereseeriksson and I created after her she completed her Business Coaching Package with me (video credit goes completely to Therese). The purpose of a case study: To capture where the client was when they started working with you,

Risk – take some and pass it on.

“Maybe there’s more on the inside than there is on the outside. Go on a journey within.” – Kern Frost In my humble opinion, the most gratifying work you will ever do is the work you do to find yourself. If you want more from your life and you are tired of being tired then

“6 Action Steps to Clearing your Money Clutter” Audio

Money Clutter. Just those two words make me shudder.  Here is an audio training I recorded for you to listen to: “6 Action Steps to Clearing Your Money Clutter” Hope these tips are useful. Share with me which one you definitely need to work on FIRST! Take action on it TODAY! Mine was getting my

Daddy’s girl

Yesterday was the 15 year anniversary of my father’s passing. Every year I have to do the math because it seems like it was so much more recent that he died. As a matter of fact it seems like it was yesterday. Have you experienced death? Have you been present at the time a person

Ladies- Do you have your own KNIPPLE?

Women and Money KNIPPLE What a glorious term! I was introduced to it last weekend by my best friend who was telling me about 2 of his hair dressing friends that save a large percentage of their tips in their “knipple”. I had to ask him for clarification 3 times before I understood he wasn’t