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This is where we take a DEEPER DIVE (than my weekly blog) into Life Coaching tips, tricks, and deep thoughts :).

Here is also where I share resources that I come across in my OWN personal development journey.

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Video 4 in my ‘Truth be Told’ Series: Aligning with your money.

Happy Thursday! Welcome to week 4 of my ‘Truth be Told’ video series. This weeks topic: “Aligning with your money”. 🤔 If you or anyone you know is a specialist on IRA’s or investments, please SHARE this video with them! Would love to get someone on here with us explaining and discussing the importance of saving

Thanksgiving Day – ‘The Truth Be Told’ series

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Welcome to my weekly video series called ’The Truth Be Told’. This week I discuss thankfulness, holiday planning and budgeting, potential family issues 🙂 and my OWN money discovery from this week. This holiday season we can choose something different than over spending, over consuming, and creating more waste. We can do something that feels

Video 2: ‘Truth Be Told’ Series – Money tip on tracking IN-COME

Happy Thursday! Welcome to week 2 of my ‘Truth Be Told’ series on MONEY. Thank you for the feedback, thoughts, emails, conversations and private messages from last week. ❣️ Your support is humbling. ❣️ This week the discussion continues. I am borrowing a MONEY TIP from Denise Duffield Thomas Denise DT. (Check her out, she is very easy

Video 1: “The Truth Be Told” Series – Money Shame and my own money story

Happy Thursday dear you! Welcome to the first video in my new series called “The truth be told”. As I am all about the truth and not wanting to live behind a “false story” or a lie (any more 😁), I decided the best place to open up the forum on MONEY was to share a

Somebody’s knocking at the door. Somebody’s ringing the bell.

Happy Thursday! Åsa’s Life Coaching Message for Today: Pay attention to the doors in your life and when it’s time to choose a different one. 🤓👉Where are you pounding on a door right now that is JUST NOT OPENING? 👈🤓 SHARE your thoughts with me. XO from Åsa and Elvis

Are you feeling stress anywhere in your life? An exercise you can do NOW.

68 days left in 2019. How do you want to go out? With a BANG 💥 or a FIZZ?

Being nervous and showing up anyway.

Happy Thursday!   Feeling joy in my heart this week for my new working accommodations (WESTRAS in Västerås, check them out if you are an entrepreneur and want a “city center” place to work from).  This week has been about pushing my limits, identifying the CAUSE I am living for and putting a spotlight on

Facebook LIVE: The end of an era with the sale of the family home

Finally back in Sweden! Jetlagged and pondering quantum physics with Dr Dispenza

Happy Friiiiday! Feeling a little out of sorts still from the jet lag but wanted to reach out and say HI! I am also learning more about Dr Joe Dispenza and his very interesting work on reprogramming the brain and disease… things that make you go hmmmm. Go check him out and let’s talk about