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This is where we take a DEEPER DIVE (than my weekly blog) into Life Coaching tips, tricks, and deep thoughts :).

Here is also where I share resources that I come across in my OWN personal development journey.

I trust that it will make a difference for you as well!

Yes, please!

Video: De – cluttering my Body, Mind, Soul AND Home

Happy January 17th! 6 months till whattttt day?!  Today I tie all of this together for you … what I am doing here with my Body, Mind, Soul and HOME connection. De-cluttering central over here and the struggles attached to that. This is not for the weak of heart, for sure!  Enjoy the video, let’s

Video: De-cluttering and simplifying your life… what does that even mean?!

Happy Thursday! Simplifying your life. What does that look like or even mean?? Watch this video to learn more about my dirty little secret  Well, it appears I have several but I can only deal with one at a time. I am super stoked about my wanna-be-wish-wife Marie Kondo! Check out her 8 part series on

Video – What’s your word of the year and whoa, watch your back!

Happy first Thursday of 2019! I have now experienced my very first physical therapy appointment. I got “lasered”, taped up, very lightly massaged and had a heat camera photographing my back. Physical therapist does not recommend I do chiropractic manipulation on my back ‘in the shape I am currently in’. Rude. No, she didn’t mean

Video – Quick hello from Hjo, Sweden! Happy New Year!

Happy holidays from Hjo, Sweden!! You didn’t think I would miss reaching out to you one last time for the year, did you?  Greetings from gorgeous Hjo. Can you believe the light? Happiest of New Year wishes to you and yours! Take good care of one another and see you in 2019!

Video: Start where you are.

Happy Thursday greetings from Elvis and I. You know how you always hope you never call your new beaux by your ex’s name… well, it happened. I’m only human, after all! Have to watch the video to understand. Lurinnnng you in! Happy holidays to you and yours and please consider finding that 5 minutes and

Video: Choir singing traditional Santa Lucia song, December 13th, Sweden

Such a beautiful tradition. Santa Lucia… she (Lucia) brings light to the darkest time of the year in Sweden. Traditionally (well, back in the dayyyy when I was young) the household was awoken by the children (wearing their white long pajama dresses) singing and carrying live candles through the home (obviously times have changed and

Video: How are you blocking money from coming into your life?

Oh, happpy day! We meet again. Happy Thursday, dear heart! Is it me or is the time whipping by at a nutty speed? It’s nearly July 17th again! Oh wait, I mean Christmas not my birthday! Silly me! Before you get all crazed about your holiday shopping, consider looking at my video first. Be smart

Video: Elvis is in the building and Nicole needs our help!

Happy snowy Thursday!! Adult kitty adoption is where it’s at! Come, meet Elvis! The king is in the house! Next thing… its time to help a sister out whose fighting her own battle with cancer. Can you please consider donating to Nicole’s Arenas Battling Buckeye Go Fund Me Campaign and let a sister stay in

Video – My own story of how stress reared its ugly head in my body

Video – How Seth Godin helped me create my Marketing Mission Statement

Tell me, are you on the brink of wanting and being more?? I know you are. The 4 people I referenced, with spelling of their names. Go check them out! Simon Sinek Seth Godin and Marie Forleo Abraham Hicks What’s your ‘Why’? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Tell me, I