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This is where we take a DEEPER DIVE (than my weekly blog) into Life Coaching tips, tricks, and deep thoughts :).

Here is also where I share resources that I come across in my OWN personal development journey.

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Video: “All Mans Right” to wander, meander and roam throughout Sweden without getting shot!

Happy Thursday! Ah nuts, I just realized I forgot to introduce myself again in the video! Hi, this is Åsa Nilsson, Global Transformation Coach in Västerås, Sweden!  Now you know! This week I share a bit more about living in Sweden, something called Allemansrätten. Watch the video to learn more. Time to jump in the shower

Video: KonMari process is DONE and a cool tip for making someone feel like a million bucks

Happy day! The KonMari transformation of my home is now complete #thankgod. It takes time, effort, fortitude and guts to do this process  but once its complete, its finally freaking complete!!! Yey!!! The sentimental items were last (photos, letters, albums). Not an easy task for this paper loving gal. Watch the video and learn of a super

Video: My 2 most LOVED things about living in Sweden!

Happy Thursday! I thought my capacity to learn more had hit its ceiling but don’t you know it!? Last night I learned how to stitch two videos together to make one! AMAZING! (Thanks to some friends and YouTube)! Now… without further ado… learn what my 2 most loved things are about living in Sweden! I

Video: What does good Customer Service look like to you?

Happy Thursday! What’s your take on customer service? Do you think the standard of acceptability has gone down? What level of service do you expect and do YOU provide? Think about it. Let me know your thoughts. Also check out my 3 coaching packages on Only 2 spots left in my 3 month Self-Love package. By

Video: Deep thoughts on oats, avocado, grievances and miracles!

Happy Spring (North America)! Åsa’s deep thoughts on overnight oats, avocado toast, holding grievances and miracles!! What do they have in common? Absolutely nothing … but what does that matter? 🙂 The best is yet to come! XO  

Video: Opportunity and the Big 8 – How I work as a Life Coach

Happy Thursday! This week’s video is about opportunity and The Big 8. If opportunity is knocking at your door, are you awake and aware enough to recognize it? Learn more about how I work in this post. and how I help YOU get a grip over your future. After watching the video check out my

Video: International Women’s Day 2019 is tomorrow – Finding your voice.

Happy day before International Women’s Day 2019! Strong mental images in this post so beware if you offend easily.  Head on over to my website to be added to my weekly newsletter. I cover even more fabulous content there: Thank you again for your support, especially after last week’s post. You are a gem! Åsa

Video: Are you being bullied or treated like crap?

Serious topic this week. >>> Bullying and being treated like crap? >>> “It isn’t big to make others feel small”. If you or anyone you know is being berated or treated poorly, speak up! We have to take a stand against bullying and help one another. Decide for yourself, will you continue to accept this

Anybody seen the chiefs balls?

I love Melissa McCarthy and this snippet out of The Heat Movie (2013) makes me laugh out loud every single time I see it. So on to my point. Your balls. Have you lost yours too? Have they shrivelled up and left you a shadow of your former self? Or have you never actually found

Video: What are your TOP 5 Bad A** Decisions you’ve made, even though you were afraid?

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear heart!! >>> This week’s CHALLENGE >>> What are your TOP 5 BAD A** decisions that you’ve made in your life, that EVEN THOUGH you were afraid, you did them anyway? My video this week covers some of mine. Please excuse my misquote as well! Even though I read it verbatim I still