Business consulting

Why Consulting OVER Coaching?

You may already be running your business for the past 1-5 years and you are looking at talking through;

What’s working, what’s not, where do you really want to move the needle in your business, what do you need to get rid of or add on, determining where your head is at and where do you WANT to spend your energies and efforts…


… then it is time for you to do this.

If you are sitting in your life and business right now screaming SHOW ME THE FREAKING WAY TO DO THIS then I am not going to hesitate to say it is DEFINITELY your time to do this.

So what if you DON’T have an established business and you are getting up and running and you want to talk through all of the moving parts with someone that knows what they are talking about? Someone that has gone through what you’re going through and most importantly will be honest with you and TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FIRST, NEXT, and SO ON?

Don’t worry, darlin’. I can help you too!

I will save you time and get you clear and focused on working towards what really matters when starting your business … versus signing on for one more shiny object task or project or group that will only keep you in overwhelm, distracted  and not moving towards YOUR dreams and goals.

That’s why I am here for you.

I LOVE to be a bollplank (ball plank in English) for other business owners that need an ear, need some space, need someone giving them counsel based on my own experience, “pick my brain” so to speak.

I will FAST TRACK you through business-start up-land and help you SAVE TIME, MONEY and help you gain CLARITY QUICKER!

That’s the point here. This isn’t some drawn out process where we meet for a year. This is a get down to business, tell me what you have and I tell you why it sucks.

No, I’m kidding. I won’t do that (unless it really does suck) and then we’ll talk through what’s working, what’s not working, what do you want to change, what do you want to add, take away, move around.

All of it. It’s time for YOU to get your questions answered and we work as fast as you want.

My work here is to get your focused. Get you on task. Keep you on task. One day at a time.

You WILL get your clarity. You WILL find your way. You WILL get organized and start taking different, more clear action.


Sound amazing? I know it does!! I get so excited! This stuff fires me up!!!

Reach out to me and we can see if we resonate with each other. It is super important that we “connect” because this is a special, private, intimate conversation that I won’t just have with anyone … I hand select my clients and I hope you do as well!

Reach out here: