Lavender, Provence, France.

Life Coaching with Åsa…  what would that look like?

If you care about SOUL, SPIRIT AND STRATEGY then I’m your girl. 

If you want to feel EMPOWERED. AWAKE AND LIT UP… then I am MOST DEF your girl!

I am a firm believer that IT’S AN ‘INSIDE’ JOB! Nothing outside of us is going to fill us or give us the answers we are seeking. 

If you need support.

If you need to determine and create a plan of what to do next in your life.. especially after this past year! WHOAH NELLIE!!

2020, the longest year that never was … then life coaching may be an alternative for you.

Even though it’s been a tough time, you are still walking around with a glint in your eye. 

You still have your zest for your life… it’s in there… it just needs a bit of tweaking to get it buzzing again.

You are not afraid. You’re excited, yes, but not afraid.

You value and appreciate commitment and relationships and you have a deep desire to surround yourself with thoughtful and powerful partners in your coaching journey. 

You don’t want one more false connection. Certainly not to share your heart, dreams and deepest wishes with.

No, no mon ami.

Your time for re-vitalization is NOW and what I offer is something out of the ordinary. 

What you can expect when we collaborate on your dreams: 

Unparalleled service, attention and surprising results. 

Our partnership deserves my full concentration, my eyes, ears and mind only on you.

I work privately, intimately and whole-istically so we look at ALL of you. Even the dark sides. ESPECIALLY the dark sides… 

You are a woman who values exclusivity. I get that. That’s what you are paying for. 

Premium packaging comes with premium benefits. 

Now, you might be surprised how you end up getting the results you get with me.

They may not be what you thought you were looking for… at all. 

That frequently happens. I tend to draw out your deepest truths by providing you with a completely safe vessel to be only yourself. No masks… 

The truths that run deep. The truths that lie deep down, behind the cobwebs that used to be your dreams.  

Working together with private life coaching:

I offer a Private 7 hour VIP Day (or 3,5 hour) and then monthly support at a fixed price on retainer for 90 days.

Simple. Clean. Tight. Aligned.

Are you ready to take agency over your own life?

What next…

Once we determine if we are a good fit for each other, I will start sending you some important documents. We start getting into practicalities here.

Invoice, Contract, Pre-Call Questionnaire, Welcome Packet so you know what to expect and how to plan for our sessions (s).

We will set the schedule for your session and determine all house keeping issues. If you are local in Västerås, you are welcome to come to my home office or we meet virtually via Zoom.

I do all of my own scheduling. We will come up with times that work for both of us.

My time zone is Central European (UTC+01:00) – Stockholm.

I ask that when we meet, please put yourself in a place where you will not be distracted by work, children, pets, computers, social media, etc. I request your full focus as I am giving you mine.

Next steps: Want to get started? Here’s what you do now:

Reach out via my Contact page here on my website or send an email to and let’s get your Discovery Call scheduled. That’s the only way this journey will begin… by you taking the first step.

For clients in Sweden: You will pay me directly to my Åsa Nilsson Life Coach AB account via Bank Giro or SWISH. I qualify for F-Skatt.

For international clients: You can pay me via Stripe or PayPal in Swedish kronor. The Swedish VAT tax of 25% is already included in your investment.

So, with all of those details out of the way, let’s get started!



“Åsa offers creative new ways to perceive your life. A complete burst of new energy and light that will leave you breathless.”  

“When you feel like you have more questions than answers, it’s time to reach out for some guidance. I found myself completely lost and with Åsa’s love, wisdom and guidance I ended up on the right track. I knew what I needed to do, I just didn’t know how and when to start. Now I have my shit together and I have learned so much about myself and how to organise my life. I couldn’t be more thankful” ❤